About Enik Recovery College

Mental resilience through Peer support

We at Enik strongly believe in the power of peer support and sharing knowledge and strategies for coping and wellbeing. Our peer support is based on equivalence, hope, meaning and strength.


At Enik you will find:

✓ Personal growth
✓ Self-examination
✓ Developing insights
✓ Self-confidence
✓ Encounter


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Peer Support

Enik Recovery College is a learning environment and meeting point for mental health recovery. Enik is 100% run by peers. This means that everyone at Enik shares similar lived experiences. All who struggle with disruption caused by a mental health disorder or addiction are welcome to find peer support and inspiration to strengthen their mental resilience.


Social Meeting Point

Our Sociaal Trefpunt (Social Meeting Point) is a place to drop by, taste the atmosphere and get acquainted. Or just to enjoy a drink and a healthy snack. We offer regular JIJenIK (You and I) meeting groups to get in contact with other visitors and our peer support workers. They can show you around and tell you more about our Recovery College Program.


College Program

Our Program offers of a large variety of peer support working groups. Each group consists of around 10 participants and 2 facilitators. The core of our Program is a range of recovery groups, such as Coping with Depression, Hearing Voices, Trauma or Addiction. We also offer evidence-based self-help programmes like WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and HOP (Honest, Open & Proud). But it’s also possible to choose a different (less verbal) approach, e.g. by writing, artwork, theatre, mindfulness or yoga. All working groups are aimed at enhancing self-help and self-advocacy. Participation is always free of charge. New working groups are added regularly, often developed and (co-)facilitated by former participants. Each person has to walk his or her own personal road to recovery; Enik Recovery College offers a choice to pick an approach that suits personal needs.


Enik is partner of IFS

The International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (IFS) is a global movement of more than 11.000 member associations that include multi-purpose, community-based organizations across the world. We believe in empowering the people who work for social justice by connecting, inspiring and supporting an inclusive global community. Enik has hosted a study visit, for our international partners, at Enik Hoograven in October 2021 and participates actively in what IFS stands for. More information can be found on the newly released e-platform Fostering Social Justice  by IFS.




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Enik Recovery College is een ontmoetingsplaats en leeromgeving voor herstel van psychische ontwrichting. Enik wordt 100% gerund door peers; allemaal mensen die dit soort ervaringen delen.